We believe the keys to cancer prevention and treatment lie within our bodies.

The Exploratory Journey

The first words of a physician’s vow are to do no harm to the patient. We seek to effectively treat cancer, while doing the same.

Natural Cancer Treatments
We strive to empower our patients to actively participate in their treatment. Our programs rely on patients taking responsibility for their health, we simply provide them the tools necessary for their bodies to heal. Our programs aim to boost the immune system, remove harmful toxins, release emotional trauma, provide oxygen to the body and change our patients’ lifestyles to better combat their illness. It is crucial that our patients understand – their immune systems are what will eventually eliminate the cancer, and without them we cannot succeed.
Our bodies naturally defend themselves against cancerous cells. The immune system plays a major role in this. Certain cells within our immune systems seek out and destroy cancer cells as they arise, we know these as NKCs (Natural Killer Cells). T-cells and B-cells. A weakened immune system is an ample breeding ground for all sorts of diseases, especially cancer. We provide therapies to boost your immune system’s ability to fight cancer.
We cannot overstate the importance of achieving clarity of mind. There are many reactions and overwhelming emotions associated with the diagnosis of cancer. It is important to accept and release these emotions. Only then can we fully enjoy life.
Our body is constantly working to cleanse us from any harmful toxins we might have ingested, inhaled or absorbed through our skin. Cancer makes this process difficult, it dampens our ability to detoxify, and our systems must work ever harder to keep us healthy. We provide a complete detoxification and cleansing program to aid our patients in eliminating these harmful substances.
Achieving and maintaining a cancer free life is no easy task. It requires commitment to change. A healthy, nutrient and alkaline filled diet and a physically active and stress-free lifestyle are both required. Utopia Cancer Center provides guidance in both of these aspects, providing you with the proper diet and vitamin supplementation to allow your body to heal.
Acids and Bases
Cancer thrives and multiplies in an acidic environment. Numerous studies have shown that acid pH encourages tumor cell growth and metastasis. Our programs feature removing acids and alkalinizing our patient’s bodies as integral parts to treatment. A more positive pH protects our bodies from cancer.
We all need oxygen to breathe. Our cells rely on oxygen to produce the energy we need for everyday living. Cancer turns this paradigm on it's head by thriving in areas depleted of oxygen. At Utopia we aim to increase circulation and provide much-needed oxygen flow to our cells.

Our approach to cancer

We look to a more holistic and integrative approach at Utopia Cancer Center, our treatments target not only the cancer itself, but the 200+ root causes of cancer. Our programs are based on hundreds of scientific papers and dozens of years of research and experience. We look to improve our patients’ quality of life by limiting the spread of the disease and providing therapies which will help them eliminate the cancer, without harming the healthy parts of their bodies.

Learn About

What is Cancer?

The vaguest, albeit the most accurate, answer is that cancer is cancer. Traditional medicine tends to focus on its location, splitting it up into dozens if not hundreds of different diagnoses. But a diagnosis is just that, it gives no explanations of the nature of the disease. Utopia Cancer Center recognizes the individuality of each human body, we conform our treatments accordingly, treating you, not your diagnosis. It is far too easy to see illnesses as something foreign, however the truth lies within us, when we heal, so does the cancer.

Cancer is primitive. It does not operate as normal cells do. Normal cells have a well-ordered and organized system to control how much, and how often, they divide. Cancer simply propagates and expands without any form of control. Healthy cells have a fine-tuned system to produce energy from different compounds and oxygen. Cancer ferments sugar without any oxygen (Anaerobically), in a sense resembling a primitive bacteria or yeast, more than a human cell. It’s easy to see that cancer is simply unorderly, destroying neighboring cells and creating an acidic, oxygen free, environment so that it can multiply in comfort.

The discovery of the anaerobic and acidic nature of cancer cells earned Otto Warburg a Nobel prize in 1931. But what was even more fascinating, was his discovery of cancer’s “sweet tooth”, its natural tendency to guzzle-up huge amounts of sugar from its surroundings. He was widely known for promoting a more alkaline way of living, and theorizing that an acidic and oxygen deprived cellular environment caused cancer, to quote him directly:

“No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment”.

Treatments and
Therapies for Cancer

What about accommodations? Where should I stay?

Several quality local accommodations provide a special extended stay discount to our patients. Feel free to contact any of these and make sure to ask for the Utopia Cancer Center discount.

Residence Inn by Marriott – .4 miles

4012 Tampa Rd. Oldsmar, FL 34677 813-818-9400

Candlewood Suites – 12 miles

13231 49th St., N. Clearwater, FL 33762 727-573-3344

East Lake Woodlands Condominiums – 4 miles

Bruce Ladd 727-771-8316 or Matt Poole: call, text or email 804-387-6602 mpoole3447@yahoo.com or Frank Costa 813-205-7917

Hampton Inn & Suites – .7 miles

4017 Tampa Rd. Oldsmar, FL 34677 813-818-7202

Holiday Inn Express – .3 miles

3990 Tampa Rd. Oldsmar, FL 34677

Bay Bayou RV Resort – 2.5 miles

8492 Manatee Bay Dr. Tampa, FL 33635 813-855-1000 www.baybayou.com Vacation Rentals by Owners – www.vrbo.com Air B and B – www.airbnb.com

Becoming our patient: Beginnings

The best way to contact us and learn about becoming a patient at Utopia Cancer Center is to call us directly at 1-727-799-9060.

Why travel to Utopia Cancer Center?

 At Utopia Cancer Center we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible treatment experience. Our programs are thoroughly comprehensive. Our holistic approach to cancer treatment is the result of over 20 years of research and practice, utilizing only the most effective and cutting edge therapies available.

Our experienced and highly trained medical staff ensure the safety and effectiveness of our treatment programs, while being completely dedicated to your health and comfort. After all, your health is our passion!

To ensure a smooth and painless experience, we suggest scheduling a free initial consultation. The most convenient way is to come directly to our clinic in Oldsmar, FL. If travelling to us directly is not feasible for you, we also offer telephone consults with Dr. Garcia to better evaluate your case.

How do I become a patient at Utopia Cancer Center?

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We suggest booking a reservation at least two weeks before your desired arrival date. We can, nevertheless, usually accommodate short notice and immediate admissions.

We recommend our patients to start their treatment programs on Mondays. It allows us to provide a full orientation and treatment plan for the next 5 consecutive days.

A diagnosis of cancer usually carries a severe economic burden on any person. At Utopia Cancer Center, we understand the financial hardships our patients are facing and we try to ease any difficulties you might be experiencing. We allow our patients to pay on a week to week basis, this allows us to provide them with some treatment even if they are unable to complete their entire programs. Payment for the first week of treatment is due on arrival to the clinic, and the beginning of your journey to better health.

  We have no direct dealings with insurance companies. As our treatment methods are not usually provided in the traditional medical setting, many insurance companies do not deem it necessary to provide coverage and refuse to bill/process our services. You can hire a third party agent, American Medical Health Alliance for example, who can directly contact your insurance agency and estimate the amount of coverage they are willing to provide for our treatment programs. Due note that third party agents usually receive a percentage of the sum your insurance company provides. Utopia Cancer Center is not associated with any such third party companies, we receive no money from referrals.

We accept credit card (Visa, Master Card and Discover), Carecredit (credit card for healthcare), bank’s cashier’s check and wire transfers. Feel free to use any of these to pay for our services.

We try to care for our patients’ financial means as well as for their health. However we do not have a lending license to allow us to offer loans, and we do not have access to any foundations and grants as of yet. Do not be discouraged from looking for aid in your local area. We can recommend Carecredit as one such opportunity, it works similarly to a credit card but is designed specifically for healthcare. You can apply online at carecredit.com

Utopia Cancer Center is located in Oldsmar, Florida. We are just 15 miles west off of Tampa International Airport and close to Tampa Bay’s iconic sandy beaches. We plan on expanding to multiple locations throughout the US in the near future, eventually reaching out to aid patients across both Europe and Asia.

Definitely. We encourage our patients to bring friends or family members with them. At Utopia Cancer Center, we acknowledge the difficulties a patient diagnosed with cancer may have on a day-to-day, things we take for granted may be difficult to some of our patients. We also offer guidance to these caregivers and instruct them on caring for the health of another, as well as obtain a healthy lifestyle of their own.

Due to the treatments involved in our cancer programs we only accept patients above the age of 16. Exceptions can be made taking the patient’s health concerns into account, but this is only done on a case by case basis. Please call us to discuss your child’s healthcare needs.

Free Wi-Fi is offered in our clinic to all patients so we encourage you to bring any electronic devices you might need. We can arrange to have a laptop lent to you for a small fee.