Intensive Medical Program for Cancer

We believe the tools to prevent, heal and avoid recurrence of your cancer lies within you.

Intensive Medical Program for Cancer

Intensive Medical Program for Cancer

Whether you are searching for a natural approach to addressing your cancer, a way to rebuild your body after chemotherapy or radiation, an adjunct to traditional treatments or are looking to obtain optimal health to help prevent cancer, Utopia Cancer Center has an Intensive Medical Program that may help you achieve your goals. At Utopia Cancer Center, we believe the tools to prevent, heal and avoid recurrence of your cancer lie within you. We all have the innate ability to heal, however, sometimes our toxic environment, lifestyle choices, emotional stresses and genetics work against our immune system and allow cancer to develop. We feel these factors are the root cause of why cancer develops grows and by correcting these areas, your chances of eliminating your cancer and/or remaining cancer free are dramatically improved.

The reason that 50% of cancer patients do not respond favorably to their traditional treatment alone is that they fail to address the underlying causes of cancer with its 200+ causes including viral, heavy metal, and other pathogens that provoke cancer formation, some cancers with fungal characteristic, some with a pH shift toward the acidic, some caused by mineral and other nutritional deficiencies that leave us vulnerable to the formation of cancer, and even the psycho-emotional shocks that are reported by patients that act like the first spark that gets the entire cancer process started. Regardless of the tumor response to traditional treatments, cancer can only be pronounced cured if it never ever reoccurs. That is why Utopia Cancer Center has designed an Intensive Medical Program that addresses these root causes of cancer.

What Is Cancer?

It is easy to become lost in the quagmire of “diseases” and especially in all of the “different” cancers unless one keeps in mind that each “type” of cancer is merely a detailed, technical description of where it originates. Its diagnosis provides no other information.

So what is cancer? Healthy cell division is marked by control and restraint, but cancerous cell division is wild uncontrolled proliferation. Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Cancer develops when the body’s normal control mechanism stops working. Old cells do not die and cells grow out of control, forming new, abnormal cells. The cell changes from aerobic (using oxygen for energy) to anaerobic (using fermentation for energy). Unfortunately, these new mutated cells do not behave the same as healthy cells.

Overview Of The Intensive Medical Program

The Intensive Medical Program for cancer at Utopia Cancer Center takes a six-prong approach that involves innovative therapies and procedures focused on treating the root cause of your cancer.  By restoring the health of the whole body, it can do what it has been so perfectly designed to do, heal. The six prongs include:


Our body’s best defense for cancer is the cancer killing cells within the immune system that function specifically to seek out and destroy cancer cells. Research suggests that a compromised immune system is a major contributor to the development of cancer. We offer therapies that enhance the immune system, increase NKC (natural killer cells), T-cells and B-cells so your immune system is optimized to improve it’s ability to fight cancer.


There are an enormous number of reactions and emotions associated with having cancer. It is important to find an appropriate way to access these emotions, release them, and reap the positive benefits on the immune system. Clarity of mind allows for relaxation and enjoyment of life.


Internally, your body is continually at work to keep itself clean. Your skin, liver, lungs, kidneys, lymphatic system, and colon work in concert to treat and eliminate these toxins and waste products. When you have cancer, your detoxification system must work even harder and can benefit from a complete detoxification program.


In order to achieve and maintain a cancer free life, it is necessary to modify your diet and lifestyle. Contributing factors to disease include an unhealthy diet and sedentary and worry filled lifestyle. Organic, alkaline, whole foods, as well as sunlight, activity and proper vitamin supplementation help you achieve optimal health and give the body and immune system the tools necessary to heal your cancer.


Research studies have demonstrated that the pH in and around cancer cells is acidic. Acid pH has been shown to stimulate tumor cell invasion and metastasis. Because cancer thrives in an acidic environment, an integral part of the program at Utopia includes alkalinizing the body. An alkaline pH protects the body against cancer, and can even help to defend against it once present.


As evidenced by Dr. Otto Warburg’s research, cancer thrives in an environment depleted of oxygen. The goal here is to increase the circulation and commensurate oxygen flow to the cells.