Green Tea Meditation

Green Tea Meditation

We have all heard of the great health benefits of drinking green tea but were you aware of the immunity building benefits of meditation? Through meditation, you can increase your health by stimulating your brain to activate your immune system. Meditation creates the perfect environment for the immune system to flourish.

That is why we decided to combine these two super powers in a green tea meditation as a special treat for our campers. This simple yet effective mediation can be done anytime you make yourself a hot cup of delicious, health promoting green tea.This meditation begins with the actual ritual of making the tea. As you are boiling the water, brewing the leaves and then sipping the brew, be mindful and pay close attention to each of your movements.

  • When you are in the process of boiling the water, just boil the water, don’t do anything else. Notice your breath and allow it to set the tone.
  • Observe the water as the first few bubbles rise to the surface and then steadily turns into a rolling boil.
  • Reflect on the fact that the earth is mostly water. We are mostly water. Water is a miracle and so is heat. We are meant to enjoy them.
  • Steep the tea for only a few minutes. As it is steeping notice how the color of the water changes as this infusion is taking place.
  • Observe as the shades of brew deepen with time.
  • Once the tea is prepared and poured, sit in a comfortable position.
  • Notice the steam wafting up from the cup and then take a couple of deep breaths before continuing the meditation.
  • If you should hear any unexpected noises or sounds allow them to become part of the experience. Maybe it was intended for you to notice that moment.
  • Cradle the tea cup in one or both hands.
  • Allow your eyes to gently close and take a slow and easy cleansing breath and exhale slowly.
  • Relax the space of your forehead, between your eyes.
  • Breathe in once again and fill your lungs full of air and as you exhale feel the relaxation travel from your head down to your feet and toes. From your skin to your bones.
  • Now slowly open your eyes and observe the cup in your hand.
  • Feel the warmth of the tea coming through the ceramic.
  • Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.
  • Quiet your mind and concentrate solely on the cup of tea in front of you.
  • As you breathe easily, softly inhale the aromas arising out of your cup.
  • Notice the color of the brew.
  • Now slowly take a small sip of your tea.
  • Pay attention to the temperature. Is it hot, is it warm, is it cool?
  • Continue to breathe easily.
  • Now take another sip. This time notice the taste. Is it earthy, is it grassy, is it floral?
  • Take time to give gratitude and to appreciate the fact that this infusion was made possible by someone thousands of miles away who picked the leaves.
  • As you take another sip, how does the body of the tea feel in your mouth? Is it dry and thin, creamy and full, heavy or light?
  • Observe any tea leaves that have settled to the bottom of your cup. What do you see? Observe them just as you would look at the clouds searching for forms to appear, can you see any objects? Are they significant to you?
  • Continue to breathe easily.
  • Now go ahead and take the time to enjoy the rest of your tea.

You will find that during the rest of your day you will feel a little more relaxed, more present in the moment and generally more calm and centered. You might notice that taking the time to enjoy this act enriches all the other activities in your day.

Whenever you feel the need to return to this Utopian state of relaxation, just brew yourself a cup of tea and follow this simple green tea meditation.