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Helen G.






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Marion T.

I am CANCER FREE for over 6 years now and DR.GARCIA and the staff at UTOPIA are the reason why.  Utopia is the only treatment I used. No drugs or surgery. Not every treatment plan works for every person and that’s true of western medicine or any other methodology of healing. No promises are made for any healing modality concerning cancer. My hope is that people don’t tell others how to heal or not heal their disease. You may be giving someone the wrong advice and stopping them from getting THEIR way of healing. Utopia is the reason I’m alive and if I had done chemo, I truly believe I would have been dead very soon after. But I don’t tell people to stay away from chemo, even though I’ve watched some of my friends die as a result of it. Instead, I offer options and information. The decision is theirs to make. Believing in your treatment is so important and that is supremely individualistic. In my experience, Dr. Garcia never claimed he would cure me. He made it very clear that there would be work to do. He doesn’t sugar coat or baby his patients. That’s not his job. His job is to help you understand what’s happening to you and take action. Cancer is pretty darn serious and so is he. I was not” brainwashed” nor “hypnotized” by Dr. Garcia. I am healed and alive because of his knowledge and so are many, many others who’ve used the tools Utopia has to offer.

Diana H.

On July 29th, 2020, I showed up at Utopia with my 73 year old Mother.

She was suffering from a full small bowel blockage and metastatic cancer in her abdominal cavity. Mayo clinic and Ohio State University offered chemo to knock cancer back, but did not feel they could cure her cancer, just buy her 6-8 months of life. NG tube was all they could offer for blockage and it had been unsuccessful. She was, at that point; in constant distress from the blockage and vomiting bile profusely.

8 weeks later, I am relieved to report that she is still with us. The staff at Utopia was always available and up to the task of treating the cancer simultaneously while keeping her hydrated daily as her body spent over a month purging the blockage. No surgery. Mom is now at home to finish her recovery.

I brought Utopia a person that traditional medicine could no longer help. They stood up to the challenge with me, I will be forever grateful to Dr. Garcia and his precious staff. They taught us that body-mind-soul is one entity and they work together to keep us well. There was definitely a mental link to my mother’s illness and it was not ignored at Utopia.
Dr. Dan, I love you too. Keep up the incredible work Utopia, your practice is so important to those who are not afraid to think outside the box.

Cancer is a symptom!

Kori A.


Glenda B



I interviewed with Dr. Garcia back in 2011 and was not in a position in my life where I wanted to hear what he had to say or was able to spend the resources I did and did not have, and decided against using his clinic.

Fast forward to 2020 and my numbers were climbing and my fear was rising right along with them.  I tried several other places – including one in Clearwater – that just didn’t fit very well.  I felt “alone” and abandoned.  Sure, they said they would “give” me a treatment plan, but only after 1000s upon 1000s of dollars in testing.  When I asked questions, I was brushed off or told that’s the way it is.  Even after the testing, I was left to figure everything out on my own…not a good feeling when you feel a bit lost.  I even had to tell them the proper way to do their own procedure and they finally implemented the correct way after the equipment manufacturer told them they were doing it wrong and I was telling them the correct way to do it.  But did I get refunded for the bad treatments that cost 1000s – no… It was simply my problem.

That’s when my wife got angry and said there has to be someplace better.  She went surfing and came up with Utopia.  The reviews were mixed but there seemed to be an underlying current to the negative reviews.  It wasn’t that the program didn’t work … it all boiled down to not wanting to accept personal responsibility for their lives and wanting to blame someone else for negative outcomes.  It’s hard to tell from a review what is an employee, or factual, or what is anger/fear.  My wife and I had done enough research to understand that there is a VERY BIG emotional and mental component to cancer, which seemed to be the reason behind the negative reviews (a lack of wanting to face that component).

We decided to give it a try.  Incredible.  But the price seemed exorbitant to us at first, but when we started factoring in what IVs cost at other places, as well as equipment (such as Rife, HBOT, FAR Sauna, etc), it seemed that it was actually in line with others’ charges.  Now you throw in the very excellent massage/lymph/herbalist, mental/emotional therapy, guidebook (especially for beginners), colon therapy, and open access to the doctor (as much as you need), and all of a sudden you start to realize that maybe you’ve been paying way too much for the other places.  But what really, REALLY got me was that I was feeling better and more hopeful than ever before.  I “watched” people “graduate” and saw that there really could be healing in the alternative environment – something I hadn’t seen before.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Garcia and his staff.  He may be gruff and seemingly a bit rough around the edges, but tell me how you would deal with a host of different personalities, in varying stages of DYING and the anger that comes with it and how you would treat them.  With platitudes and niceties and all the other ways that got them to death’s door – or would you be blunt with them and treat them like they should be treated – as adults and not children.  I appreciate the blunt truth even if it does “hurt” my feelings … for me, it’s about time someone was honest and cared enough to put me on the path to healing… not sugar coat things while I lose precious time because they didn’t know how to deal with the mental/emotional aspect of our illnesses…

That’s why I give my wholehearted approval of Utopia … and decided to write this very rare testimonial!

Karen G.

I have survived my cancer without conventional chemo and radiation. Two years ago I originally was treated for a “high-grade”(fast growing) breast cancer by alternative advanced medicine. Despite the pressure, guilt and humiliation I received from “concerned” oncologists, I researched my alternatives and elected to ignore conventional methods of treatment. I had basically been “on my own” as most conventional doctors did not respect my decision. I recently researched and found Utopia Wellness Center here in Florida. My goal was and is to keep my immune system at it’s optimal level of health to prevent a return of illness due to a compromised immune system. My experience at the centre was a total 5star and more. I found Dr. Garcia to be very concerned with my condition. He is highly educated and explained to me a treatment plan. He expects you to follow protocol to get the best results. The idea of alternative advanced medicine is to place your whole body in its highest level of health, hence, creating an atmosphere where disease cannot survive. My goal is to keep my body healthy by diet, exercise, meditation and visiting Utopia Wellness center for the extra “immune boost” I feel to be so important. The centers staff are all extremely professional, friendly, efficient and acknowledge all of their patients by name.

Jimmy R.


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Melodius M.

Have been blessed by the excellent quality patient care at Utopia both for family members and for myself! Dr. Garcia is knowledgeable and wonderful to work with, his office staff always go above and beyond duty, and the treatment and care has always been exceptional. Couldn’t give Utopia Wellness a high enough rating. Thanks for all you do for us all!

We have been extremely blessed and happy with our experience with the Utopia Wellness clinic, with Dr. Garcia, and even with his team of professionals — starting with Mark at the front desk to the amazing nurses and all support staff. They are all very professional, caring, treat their patients as real people — not just a number, and give personalized care and treatment to meet each patient’s need. For those looking for a more healthy alternative treatment plan, we highly recommend Utopia. We, as well as friends, have found their treatments to be very effective.

Cynthia G.F.

I recently completed 8 weeks of care at Utopia Wellness. I have multiple myeloma and my journey at Utopia was nothing short of life-changing and amazing. I am not yet cancer free but I am significantly on my way to this wonderful outcome solely because of the loving care, skilled treatment and education I received from Dr. Garcia and the highly professional and caring staff at Utopia Wellness. Dr. Garcia is a gift. A truly kind man with a deep concern for each patient’s overall wellness. The clinic environment is calming and therapeutic and all of the great treatments I received from IV therapies, colon therapy, lymphatic massage therapy, and more healed my body in a natural, non-evasive, and logical manner – trusting our bodies to heal is just good common sense. The psychological sessions helped me come to terms with many life situations that I had allowed to stunt the processing of my immune system. I truly was the cause of my cancer and through God’s help, I have been the catalyst to my recovery. I’m feeling so much better, my pain has diminished drastically AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I didn’t suffer through my treatment with crazy side effects and long-term physical damage. I’m well and I’m whole. If you are bold enough to take the step forward outside of the mainstream treatments, there is treasure & abundant life waiting for you at Utopia. Please don’t wait any longer. You matter!

Kathy F.


Paul Burney


Joy D.




Pam N.

From my first phone call with Mark, to my goodbyes this morning, I’ve been impressed with Utopia Wellness and Dr. Garcia. Everyone was so warm and friendly to me. My overall experience was very positive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Utopia Wellness to anyone. I only wish I could have stayed longer to take advantage of the many treatments they offer. Thank you so much, Dr. Garcia, Mark, and staff members! Truly a great experience.

Herman A.

This is the care that you have been longing for. Their facility and all of their people are some of the most caring, nicest people that you will ever meet on this earth. I thank God that they came into my life.



Julie K.


Kelli K.

Utopia Wellness is courage + love + hope = healing. If you have the courage to step away from traditional cancer treatment then Utopia Wellness is the place to be. The facility is state of the art. The staff are knowledgeable and professional. Dr. Garcia has a unique way of treating cancer from the inside out. Bring an open mind along with your body and your spirit.



“Thank you Dr. Garcia and Staff for all of your support in helping me become a graduate student.”

Mary W.


The Best alternative clinic, that teaches you how to heal from Cancer. Dr. Garcia and the staff are the best!!! I was totally healed from breast cancer and will be eternally grateful for all I learned, and of Course to the Great physician, who guided me through this whole journey.

Lawrence B.