Power of Love

Power of Love

By Jake Galles, PhD

According to the majority of mainstream scientists, the most powerful force in the universe is entropy. This force dictates that everything eventually dies, decays, and succumbs to the oblivion of a dark and lifeless void.  Thankfully, these scientists overlooked one important ingredient when studying the nature of reality: consciousness and the power of love.

Quantum physicists have now discovered that the fabric of existence in this universe is in a state of re-creation through and ongoing interplay between energy and matter. They have reached the undisputed conclusion that the universe is Alive, and has a consciousness of its own. Furthermore, they have found this consciousness to have a specific intention, which fortunately for us supports the unfoldment of life.  This force has been coined as “The Benevolent Bias” of the universe.  In other words, scientists have proven that the Universe Loves Us.

This background energy of creation exists everywhere, as a coherent field that gently ushers the forward movement of all things. This loving force is responsible for the elegance of the cosmos, the harmony of music, the beauty of nature, and the crystalline geometry of snowflakes. Perhaps the most profound aspect of these scientific revelations is the fact that each and every one of us has access to the power of this Universal Benevolence.  You see, each individual point of consciousness creates its own version of the universal field.  In other words, the center of your being (which many refer to as “the heart”) produces an electromagnetic field at least the size of the earth itself, which vibrates at the frequency of your emotional state. Therefore, we are all connected, and our energy influences everything in existence.
The frequencies we generate have a measureable effect on quantum probabilities, meaning we have an incredible power to influence the likelihood of future events. Our energy field influences the structure of physical matter, and the emotions of others in our vicinity. But by far the most profound effect of our state of consciousness is on the functioning of our physical body. Our energetic state of being affects every fiber of our DNA, and determines the quality of cell regeneration. When we resonate with coherent (loving) frequencies, our body releases alkalizing hormones, allowing our immune system to thrive, and activates an epigenetic healing mechanism in our DNA. In other words, when we align our energy and intentions with the benevolent, loving force of the universe on a consistent basis; our bodies naturally heal themselves from the inside-out.

You may be asking yourself at this point, “How can I access and benefit from this miraculous healing power of love”? Well that is a very good question, with a very simple answer, love yourself.  You see, love is not just an emotion… Love is a choice… to surrender to the unconditional love that the Universe has for you.  So the key is to care about yourself, with the same care you would give to a child in need,  to be present with all of your pain and darkness, and have the courage to keep the light on. Now that’s LOVE!… To continue loving yourself even when you don’t like yourself… Especially when you don’t like yourself… Especially when it feels awkward or uncomfortable. That is how you turn Love from a foreign experience into a familiar one. That is how you reveal your true Infinite Worth to yourself. That is when you gain the power to create a coherent state of being, regardless of the circumstances. That is how you make love truly unconditional… And become a cup that runneth over, a shining beacon for the world to see. You are The Light of Universal Love… So Be It… and Let the Healing Begin!