The Courage to Seek Other Options

The Courage to Seek Other Options

By:  Mark Wilson, PCC

As a Patient Care Coordinator at Utopia Wellness, I have the opportunity of working closely with Dr. Garcia.  I absolutely love my job; I love working with people and watching their journey of healing.  My job is to speak with those looking for information about our holistic approach.  Every day Utopia Wellness receives inquiries from people all over the world.  They are inquiring about our clinic because they have just been given the news they have cancer.  At that moment they are typically in fear and facing pressure from their doctors to start chemotherapy as well as being given a time frame of life expectancy and odds of survival and so on.

My job is to not only inform them of our program but to calmly change the context of the situation.  I commend them for having the courage to seek out another option other than chemotherapy or radiation; to explore a way other than what most people think is the only treatment.   I let them know that they are in control; the fear, the pressure doesn’t have to be the motivating factor.  Just the opposite, the person reaching out to us, is taking their power back and seeking a path they feel will be best for them.  The secret is listening to yourself; your gut instincts.  Find a direction that feels right to you- and embrace it fully.  Attitude is everything; that same courage that had them Googling alternative cancer treatment is the same courage that gives them the strength to pack their bags and move across the country for several weeks and attend our clinic. To take such a big step requires trust in yourself.

The first step to treatment at Utopia Wellness is a consultation with Dr. Garcia which can be done in the clinic or by telephone, as most are, considering our patients come from throughout the world.  For those with a cancer diagnosis, the consultation is complimentary; Dr. Garcia actually donates his time so that these people have a chance to hear another side to the story from what their conventional doctors are telling them.  Which as previously stated, is to start chemotherapy or radiation immediately as if there is NO other choice.  I suggest anyone who calls me to take advantage of this offer; even if it’s just a “fact finding mission”.

Alternative medicine is about education because this type of medicine is patient driven; they take an active role in their healing.  The body can heal if given the right tools and environment starting with the way you think.  I always tell people gather all the information you can, take advantage of all the consultations available and then pick a direction that resonates within you.  Whether they choose Utopia Wellness or somewhere else, I tell them to fully commit to their choice and embrace it.  I just want to see people heal regardless of how they get there.