The Positive Effects of Colon Therapy

The Positive Effects of Colon Therapy

By:  Beth Gaines, Certified Colon Therapist

As a colon hydro-therapist, the most common statement I hear before the first treatment is, “I go to the bathroom everyday so I don’t need this therapy.”  First of all, congratulations!  Many people don’t have a daily bowel movement, nor do they realize that this bowel movement is necessary in order to have a healthy colon, healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy immune system!  Science has been telling us for many years now that there is a direct connection between our brains and our bowels, otherwise known as the enteric nervous system.  Our colons are constantly sending messages to our brains from the neurons in our gut via the vagus nerve! In fact, scientists at UCLA found that 90% of the messages are transmitting from the colon to the brain, and not vice versa.  Suffering from constipation will absolutely affect our mood and our mind.  Keeping our colons healthy is essential for keeping our minds happy, effects of colon therapy.

In other words, colon therapy is not just for constipated people (effects of colon therapy), it is also for the privileged few who manage to have regular, daily healthy bowel movements, all on their own.  But why would you need colon therapy if your body is right on time, every day?  Isn’t that enough?  Isn’t what nature has intended sufficient to keep us healthy?  No, and the reason is very simple:  we are not living in the same world as our ancestors lived just 200 years ago.  In today’s modern supermarket, it is likely that we have consumed foods that were grown in pesticides, injected with steroids, and processed with man-made chemicals or food additives (nitrates, high fructose corn syrup, msg, etc.).  Imagine the burden we have put on the human liver which is not accustomed to processing an avalanche of additives.  The liver works hand in hand with the colon; the colon provides the main exit for toxins leaving the liver by releasing daily bowel movements.  When the colon is moving slower than usual, due to constipation, the liver can’t do its job as easily because it becomes overly congested, so it suffers as well.  These harmful substances set up an environment, or microbiome, within the colon which facilitates bad bacteria to flourish, overpowering the good bacteria that support our immune system.  In other words, it is not only highly beneficial to clean out the colon’s contents, but the lining of the bowel as well, where the not so healthy bacteria congregates.  It’s no wonder we feel fatigue, have headaches, feel depressed, and can’t sleep!  These are all signs of a congested colon.  Allergies, skin disorders, poor absorption of nutrients, and bloating are also signs of a toxic colon.  Cleansing the entire organ a few times throughout the year with hydro colon-therapy greatly relieves the burden we have put on the colon, and indirectly supports the liver as well.

Another common question is, “Can’t I clean from the inside out and take a colon cleansing supplement or probiotic?”  Although this is a great start, it is no substitute for a colonic.  Many colon therapists highly recommend a colon cleansing supplement a couple days before the first colonic, so it can greatly assist in a more thoroughly cleansing colonic.  Think of colon therapy as a warm bath for your bowel.  Fecal matter can settle into the colon in layers because the colon is designed to draw moisture and salts from the digested food.  The standard American diet does not contain enough moisture and fiber to pass through the colon efficiently, so it sticks to the colon wall, building up over time.  It is the lack of hydration in the colon that creates a dry and hard bowel movement.  If stool is cracked or round like stones, and hard to pass, this indicates a constipated, dry bowel.  The warm water during a colonic gently loosens and softens the dry fecal matter so that it can pass through the tube. The colon will absorb the water during the process to rehydrate the body.

Dr. Ajay Goel, director of epigenetics, cancer prevention and genomics at Baylor University states, “Colon cleanses can be very helpful in eliminating/washing away toxins from the body, but one must keep in mind that these cleanses (should be) as natural as possible and do not use strong/harsh chemicals, as these may provide temporary relief, but in the long run can negatively impact your colon health.”  Colon therapy uses only warm, purified water with absolutely nothing else.  It is done by a trained colon therapist who safely allows the water to flow in and waste flow out of the body through a tube, so there is no odor during the process.  Many people, including those who were hesitant to walk through the office door, are amazed at how much relief they feel afterward.  It is common to hear, “I didn’t realize how bloated I felt before, because now I feel so light!”  This is just one of the many positive effects of colon therapy.