Belinda has dual roles at Utopia Cancer Center. She is our office manager as well as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. She has been helping patients become the healthiest they have ever been by laying a foundation for good health through nutrition, lifestyle and mindfulness. She is certified through the American Association of Drugless Providers and since 2012, she has had the privilege of working with primarily Stage IV cancer patients at Utopia Cancer Center. Her goal in working with patients is to help them decipher all of the conflicting information they come in with about what to eat or what not to eat but she also wants to make the process of eating nutritiously easy, enjoyable and most importantly, achievable. It was while working at Utopia Cancer Center that she was honored to be featured among “The Top 50 Must Read Blogs for Alternative Health Wisdom on the Web” and in the amazing and award winning documentary by Jeff Witzeman,, “Cancer Can Be Killed.”