Intravenous Ozone Therapy

Intravenous Ozone Therapy

Otto Warburg, a German physiologist and medical doctor, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his research on the relationship between oxygen and cancer cells. He proved that a lack of oxygen at cellular level lead to the development of cancer. (3) His research proved that cancer cells use a form of non-oxygen metabolism, which medicine calls fermentation, in order to survive. Cancer cells are not like normal healthy cells. The way they metabolize and create energy for survival and multiplication is unique and quite dangerous.

Normal healthy cells are aerobic.  This means they metabolize oxygen and glucose for energy. Cancer cells, however, are anaerobic and function only in the absence of oxygen.  They create energy by means of fermentation, which produces lactic acid.  The presence of lactic acid lowers the cellular pH, which in turn terminates the ability of RNA and DNA to control cell division. Cancer cells are capable then of proliferating unchecked.

Dr. Warburg discovered the root cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency, which creates an acidic state in the human body. He also discovered that a cancer cell cannot survive in an environment with high levels of oxygen.  This is why one of our goals at Utopia Cancer Center is to increase oxygen levels in the body.  We do this with a variety of oxygen therapies, including Intravenous Ozone Therapy.

Ozone is three molecules of oxygen, O3 verses they way oxygen exists in air, which is O2. Ozone was discovered in 1786 and first created in a German Lab in 1840. In 1873 it was discovered that when any microorganism such as bacteria, viruses, tuberculosis, and diphtheria, was exposed to ozone gas, they died.

Ozone protect has some interesting properties: in healthy cells ozone increases anti-oxidant enzyme activity; it also can directly kill cancer cells; it may stabilize borderline cancer cells making them more likely to heal, and it may stimulate apoptosis, or programmed cell death, of the cancer cell.

In a 2004 study, “…ozone therapy improved oxygenation in the most hypoxic tumors…”.

(1) Remember at its most rudimentary level, anyone with cancer has immune deficiency. Thus, although the focus is on cancer, the patient is also more susceptible to other infectious process because of the patient’s immune deficiency. Studies examining how ozone may be beneficial to health by: inactivating bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, yeast, and protozoa, stimulating healing, improving circulation, purifying blood and lymph, improving brain function and memory, and improves circulation.

(2) These are just some of this tri-oxygen molecule’s health benefits for everyone, healthy or infirmed.

Side Effects

In a 1980 study done by the German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy, examined results from over 5,579,238 ozone therapy treatments spanning 644 therapists and 384,775 patients. Of these, there were only 0.000007%, (40 cases) of side effects noted. Ozone statistically is proven to be one of the safest medical therapies available.

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